We've practiced our individual disciplines for over fifteen years at various companies, the last one being Electronic Arts. With titles such as Rumble Racing, Tiger Woods, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Godfather under our belt we decided to break off and do what many people dream of. Tricky Software is our dream and making games is what we love to do.

We consider the art and design very critical to our approach. Creating characters and environments that people connect with is really what's important when approaching the look and feel of any game. Preproduction plays an important role, but in the end having a clear direction is what's key.

People who create games know this, but those who have never attempted it may not: Along the way in the game development process we have to create many tools and processes to get the job done. These days this is really the most important aspect of a project. If the tools and processes are efficient and well thoughtout, the risk of the project dramatically decreases. For us, being a small development team, this is crucial. So in addition to the games we offer, we're also hoping to share our experience and offer some of our tools to others.