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Tricky Software was founded in 2006 with the simple notion that success should be defined by first having fun doing what you love, and second by having a sound business model to keep the lights on. It started by assembling a first class team in which everyone shared a passion for developing technology and a general love for the creative process. We shipped numerous products across many different platforms and categories, and most importantly we did so while being able to enjoy the journey we were all on together.

I'm happy to say that after nine years of having a blast doing what we loved we had the unique opportunity to become part of larger company who shared our values, and made us an offer we simply could not refuse. It was a tough decision, but one we made not out of necessity but more because it felt like the right one. So for this company we have a happy ending and our journey continues, albeit in a slightly different form. Thank you to anyone who purchased our products over the many years!


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